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I've got to hand it to you, As an Adastra fan this is awesome!!

however..... it has made my Pc crash both times ive tried to view the world for more than 5 minutes. Still tho, Really Nice Work!! Ow


If I may ask, is the storyline of the actual novel going to be put into this? So far just from the images this looks very lovely and I think would be amazing to read it in vr. I'm a furry lgbtq+ VN enthusiast and tbh... I'd even pay just to read it in vr like this. I'd also like to say, lovely work on this it looks absolutely beautiful.

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strangely I'm not seeing the garden in the download files,  or the outside of the room

I'm assuming you're talking about the blend files.

I'm sorry, most of the garden was created in Unreal Engine so there isn't a blend file for it.

will there be a blend for it

Honestly, I would be happy with a tool/option to import the Adastra 17th release folder automatically and just have all the sprites in 2d with 3d environments. Fantastic work!

Is this still being worked on? At least when it comes to the atrium and the floral bedroom?

It's still being worked on! I'm currently busy with redoing Amicus's room because I wasn't happy with how it came out.

I hope that it will be on the phone I think it will go on the phone on a normal phone


So cool !

Is there gonna be Quest support ?


I tried the game and I like it, will it eventually reach the point of following the visual novel ?


Well I'll try and make VN Mode powerful enough to let people be able to recreate the entire visual novel I'll also be making more example scene's from the VN when the editor is complete.

I tried to use VN Mode but I got confused by it and didn’t know how to do it despite watching the tutorial.


Did you make that grass shader for the gardens? I’m really fascinated by it. That’s a really clever use of darkening the grass to simulate the change of facing angle when wind blows through it.

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Sorry I did not create the grass material it's from the Stylized Forest pack on the Unreal Marketplace.


Question, can I use my Oculus Quest 2 for this?


I don't own a Quest so I can't check sorry but it will work if you run the VR version through Steam VR

i cant downloaded :c


Seeing everything just as I imagined it when reading is truly surreal- this is phenomenal!

I'd love to see a walking mode in the future too as a means to fully immerse myself in the experience, this is truly incredible... Cannot wait to see where the future of this goes!


Man, this makes me so happy. Thank you for taking this huge project on, it's gorgeous! To have so much of this incredible world to explore in VR just made my day!

i cant get it becuse its hosted on a 3rd party werbsite

Sorry I'm unable to upload it to itch due to file size limitations.

Is it a problem with Google drive or itch?

on my laptop it said 3rd party so idk


I'm not following a trail of blood ever again :)


xdddddddddd You can thank Marcy for that XD he wanted me to re add that easter egg


Well, imagine my bewilderment when a vn scenario simulator suddenly turned into... well, probably best not to spoil anything XD. Also, this game/sim is great and I went nuts when I found this while browsing!! I'm looking forward to when the rest of the palace is included!!

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Where do i find it cause i search and i found nothing

Go into the courtyard at night and go into the middle of the amphitheatre. Approach the blood splatter in the center, and well... Follow the trail ;)

There is no blood, or at least i don't see it, maybe i don't have the lastest version, gonna try


Yeah, i'm not gonna be curious about blood trails anymore xD

I followed the blood trail and stopped after getting to the door.

Yup, what Stoicbuzz said :D


Dude, I'm not even sure what it is that I found there, but whatever it was definitely gave me chills for a moment lol. Not going there again 😬


The parents were not pleased XD


It's like 5 layers of inside jokes stacked on top of each other.

How powerful is the vn because I use a Thinkpad I got from my college

It CAN run, but the fps will be.... not so pleasant.

Is there an Apple version or mobile port?

Sorry but there will be no Mac OS or mobile port available for this game.

The game is too graphicly intensive for a mobile device to handle and to be able to create a version for Mac OS requires a device with that OS which i don't have


I’m very pleasantly surprised to see someone take on the task of recreating a visual novel in 3D! Looks stunning!

Unfortunately I know my laptop generally hates unreal games for their higher performance requirements, any kind of post-processing/motion blur brings it to its knees, maybe once I upgrade I’ll have to check this out proper. The download being 3.1 GB also tells me there’ll be a lot to load in. :P But good luck as you continue to work on this!

Might be worth giving a shot. I'd say try downloading the desktop version, and go into the settings upon startup and lower the graphics settings all the way down. Might help it run on a lower power device!

So does this 3D version of Adastra follow the story to the letter every single step of the way or are there some changes here and there at the beginning, middle, or end of the whole plot of the original Adastra?


It's not a visual novel it's a game where you can explore the environments  in 3D

There is a visual novel part where you can recreate Adastra and make custom scenes though (I recreated a small part of Adastra as a example in the "VN mode examples" download)

Is exploring the VR 3D game Adastra the only thing you can do for now on here, or will you be able to interact with characters sometime down the road in the future in a way that's similar to the VN of Adastra but just with a lot more details to the graphics plus maybe even being able to touch the characters themselves through the viewpoint of the whole VR experience itself since it's almost going to be like a first person interaction from your own perspective kind of like a story in a novel or something somewhat closely similar if that can be a perfectly good example at all but that mainly only depends on whether that could be possible to do in this VR of yours to begin with of course (?).


does it have Amicus?


Yes but it's in VN mode you can mess around with it but i don't recommend it because it's still VERY early in development and doesn't have a editor yet.


Ok, Was just wanting to know :). Is the .blend for Amicus available then?  Is it configured for VRChat, or just simply VR programs, or none?


Yes it's in the ".Blend files" download it's the "Amicus_rig_V1.0" file.

The rig is not configured for VRChat but with some edits you can make it compatible.

i already made an VRChat Amicus avatar in my Adastra world though but i didn't have an high enough rank to publish it so i'm working with StreamArcanine to publish it. He's also working on his own Amicus avatar which is in my opinion way better then mine because i don't play VRChat or have any experience with Unity.


Ok, thank you for letting me know :)

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Absolutely gorgeous work so far, definitely doing the VN damn proud.

Wip I know, but I thought you'd like to know that in the spa, when you get close to the ladders the ripple effect causes the texture of the pool/pool seat to cover the ladder and make it look cut off

Thank you!

The problem is with how Unreal Engine renders refraction so I am unable to fix this problem sorry. 


Really, well that is certainly an interesting quirk.

Also you don't need to apologise, I hope my comment didn't come across as a complaint.